About Us


Hey Hey Hey!

My name is Eboni. I am the owner of Ebb Ko. Beauty & Fashion. I am a licensed Nail Tech who loves to CREATE art! I have been into creating since a child.

I started Ebb Ko., originally as Ebb Kollection back in 2017. I have always been known as a Jill of Trades in my family and within my friends. I used this as motivation to start my Kollection! Ebb Ko. is known for offering many services and products within the beauty industry. 

I use my talents to make others feel beautiful. I create Luxury Press On's that give women a fast and stylish manicure. With many women being in profession of not being able to wear nails full time or busy moms who cannot make it to a nail salon, Ebb Ko. Press On's were the way to go!

I also use my talents to create luxury skincare. All my skincare products are 100% Natural. They are made with love and care to help your feel skin feel like new skin. After using our skincare your skin is left smooth as ever! 

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to pack your order soon!