Press On's

EbbKo Pressed nails give you a perfect, non-damaging manicure at the fraction of salon costs and times. Our nails are handmade nails that features unique, nail designs that are 100% handcrafted.

We offer a wide selection of press on nails in a variety of different shapes, designs, and sizes made from only top-quality nail products.

Our press on nails are versatile and can be worn for weeks or days at a time with the proper care, making them a great option for any and every occasion

When purchasing Pressed Nails, you will choose the Size (XS, Small, Medium, or Large). The design shown is the design you will get. 

When ordering, if you do not know your size, we suggest purchasing a Sizing Kit. However, you can measure them yourself. See picture above for self measuring. 

Our press on nails are painted with at least 5 layers of gel polish to provide sturdy thickness and superior quality nails. Certain designs do have acrylic.